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I’m currently in my final year of undergrad studying Business Enterprise at the University of Strathclyde. As with all penultimate year courses, my final year is accompanied by the dreaded ‘Dissertation’.

I’d heard about Dissertations before. The anxiety and panic surrounding them. The breakdowns are something you witness first-hand in the uni library. It’s not pretty.

For me, anxiety, panic and mental break-downs didn't sound appetising so i chose to focus my dissertation on something i’m genuinely interested in. Novel idea that, eh?

My Study

I wanted to learn more about Medium Writers (MW’s) and how the successful ones had managed to…

I’ve fallen in love with the idea of being a morning person. The early hours of solitude and peace fill me with joy, but only for selfish reasons…

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Morning Chief

For the entirety of my adulthood i’ve been a morning person. Getting up early while the rest of the adult population slumbers on fills me with selfish joy. Their peaceful rest is when i get shit done; while everyone’s cosy in bed, i’m excitedly assigning green ticks to my to-do list.

This is an undeniably egotistical way of looking at my morning productivity — but i can’t help but love it. The feeling of knowing you’ve done a workout, shopping, breakfast & more by the time others are getting out of their cave is exhilarating.

This is never in a…

Straight to the point, here’s some things worth investing in.

  1. Good Coffee. A worrying amount of regular coffee drinkers spend £3+on a cup of coffee. This is usually from establishments like Starbucks and Costa where the coffee tastes like bitter dog shit. Invest £100, buy a handheld grinder, a handheld espresso machine, and fresh beans from a local supplier. Trust me, in the long run you’ll learn more about coffee, how to brew to your individual taste and overall, you’ll grow to love the process of brewing your own cup that far surpasses the taste of any high street brand at a fraction of the price.
  2. Good earphones/headphones. I’m one…

Honesty, Transparency and authenticity are endangered species, we must value and practice them to save them from extinction…

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The majority of conflicts i bear witness to are the result of lies, miscommunications and hidden agendas. A lack of honesty destroys the integrity of any relationship — from coworkers, to friends, to partners. Luckily, we can improve the functionality and soundness of any relationship through the perpetual implementation of honesty.

Dishonesty between friends is something i notice regularly. Long-time friends who have bones to pick with one another but without the balls to confront the issue. When a small issue is intentionally neglected for a long period of time, the malignancy compounds before eventually growing large enough to harbour…

The inbuilt self-destruct feature of drugs and alcohol warrant praise and admiration. If you want to make massive changes, consider a binge…

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The Scene

Growing up in the west of Scotland, you quickly acclimatise to the local culture of drugs and alcohol. Booze by 14, weed by 16 and MDMA by 18 is the norm. With a society who’s culture is so deeply ingrained in escapism, it’s unlikely you’ll outmanoeuvre the grasp of drugs and alcohol yourself.

At first The Scene is inviting and rosy. The first sip out a 2 litre bottle of Strongbow is possibly the most offensive thing to ever grace your senses but the buzz of being drunk at your first house party is overwhelmingly positive. …

A brief article because i’m tired as fuck and LinkedIn is bullshit.

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If you’ve any experience with LinkedIn, you’ll know it’s full of bullshit artists. Why it’s rife with such phony individuals and bogus content is beyond me, but the fact remains the platform’s nonsense.

To truly illustrate the dichotomy between an individuals true personality and their LinkedIn profile we need to study the case of some of my university coursemates. One individual in particular highlights the polarity, we’ll call him David.

David’s a friend of mine who studies in the business school and via international pathways, he was awarded the opportunity to study at a foreign university in central Europe.


A cashier and I exchanged exhausted looks as we waited for 15 year olds to finish their TikTok dance.

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I’ll Never Get My Shopping

Like any other Sunday, i strolled down to Aldi for some fresh Avocados. Just like any other day in Glasgow, the weather was shite and the people i passed were pale in complexion. Looks and feels like home; nothing strange here.

That was until i found myself in the cue behind two 15-year old girls with an affinity for TikTok dances. As their items edged closer to the cashier, they decided this was the best time to record and perform a TikTok dance exhibition for an audience of Aldi punters.

While this isn’t unusual on Social Media, it’s the first…

The idea that self-care is inherently feminine is antiquated. Get the fundamentals right, take pride in yourself.

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Be Your Best

I’m no expert in the domain of male hygiene. I’ve never had to groom a messy beard, deal with masses of unruly body hair or tackle overpowering body odour. Nevertheless, seemingly obvious practices are consistently neglected by my fellow brothers.

On a regular basis i meet mates, strangers and colleagues that disregard some of the most basic commandments in the holy book of male hygiene. I’m talking borderline tear gas level body odour, coffee breath that should be classified alongside chloroform and monobrows that would make Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky proud.

I’m dramatising here but, for the most part, the male population…

Your middle class upbringing could be detrimental to your personal and professional development, here’s why…

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My Experience

I grew up in an assuredly comfortable middle-class household. My parents had lucrative careers; therefore, i was provided with a pleasant standard of living. I’ve never had to worry about when the next meal was or if i could afford new shoes for school. It’s been kushty.

My relative comfort has allowed me to develop intellectually, academically and physically; thus, my lifestyle has fuelled my personal development. …

Self-inflicted public obligation is my method of productivity. Let’s get started.

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I’m writing this to publicly proclaim my commitment to writing for the foreseeable future. This is for me and me only. If you want to keep reading, then feel welcome, but don’t feel obligated to do so.

I’ve been struggling to write consistently for many months now. Significant events have unfolded simultaneously, and in the haze of responsibility, i’ve neglected the practice of writing. From completing university to moving home, it’s fair to say my schedule has been busy.

While these developments have been important, i’ve recently come to believe that writing — wether that be on Medium or any…

Liam Lawson

A/B tester of lifestyle approaches. Young, Naive, Hopeful, Honest. Chasing fulfilment, learning while doing so.

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